The first Kryon seminar in the Czech Republic

The first Kryon seminar in the Czech Republic took place in Prague on September 29 – 30, 2018 in Hybernia Theater.It was a powerful, unforgettable experience for all participants – not only for the audience and the organizers, but also for those who came to hold their presentations for us. That is why they are happy to come back.

Seeing the excited reactions of the audience in the theater, and even looking back now, almost two years later, it is clear that the event was a dream come true not only for the Czech Kryon team of organizers and translators, but also for everyone who enjoys reading or listening to Kryon. This way, together, we form a wider Kryon team of people who then carry this beautiful energy into their lives while co-creating a better world full of love, integrity, reasonable solutions, creativity, joy and compassion. All of us see Kryon as a helper, advisor, a guide in our personal process of transformation, but most of all as a close friend; as family.

Our gathering in 2018 was a vivid event combining spiritual information and real life, all surrounded and enhanced by the energies of the given channelings and an almost tangible presence of our guides and family who proudly and lovingly watch us from the other side of the veil.

Lee lightened his presentations with his typical humor, making the participants feel at ease. After all, humor is a crucial ingredient in life – it is healing and lends lightness to all our creation. So if you are planning to come in 2020, do not expect boredom and gravity. And as Lee is also known for his realistic view and necessity of facts, we can look forward to seeing examples and scientific proofs during his presentations. However, note that as opposed to the channelings, this live part is meant only for the participants – no recordings allowed.

The intensity could be felt throughout the whole weekend. There was joint laughter, deep emotion, and even loud sobbing, when the energies during the channelings touched the participants more than they could bear. This was a clear sign that the present energies were loving and enlightening and were interacting with the energies of the individuals in the audience.

As Kryon often says, we left the room different than when we came… Each and every one of us.

Yet it was only the first tasting – every time Lee and Kryon visit a place again, they aim deeper an deeper. We are full of thrilled expectations about what they are preparing for this year. And we conscientiously work on improving the quality of organization.

If you could not make it to the 2018 Kryon weekend in Prague, you can at least listen to the recorded channelings (with Czech translation):

(Note: At times, though rarely, no recording can be made due to the immense energies of Kryon.)

1) "The Shift and You" - 21:50 min
2) "The Worthly Soul" - 24:41 min
3) "Partnership" - 19:14 min
4) "With You Forever" - 26:41 min

And there was more!!

Lee Carroll arrived to Prague a few days ahead and was interviewed by the online television Cesty k sobě.

Lee Carroll, KRYON in Prague from Cesty k sobě on Vimeo.