About us

The Kryon Prague 2020 seminar is organized by Lee Carroll's organizational team in cooperation with Kryon's Czech translation team. 

Ladislav Mlčák (on the left) and Sylvie Duran Munck (the first one drom the right) are the coordinator and contact contact persons between both the two teams. Robert Munck and Emma Munck are part of the team, too. Marie Kuchařová is also co-organizer - see the next picture.

In the following photo you can see one part of the Czech translation team together with Leo Carroll during the first Kryon seminar in Prague. 


Our translators - interpreters
Marie Kuchařová
Zuzana Šiková



Kryon websites

http://kryon.webnode.cz – in Czech language, administrated by the Czech Kryon translator team
http://www.kryon.com – in English
https://originalkryoneuropa.com – in English

Seminar´s guests

Anders Holte – http://www.anders-holte.com
Monika Muranyi – http://monikamuranyi.com

Kryon books in Czech

http://nakladatelstvi.wikina.cz – Wikina publishing house