Cacina MeaduMusician, presenter

Cacina started playing the piano on her own when she was five. Being synesthetic as a child she would “see” the music she was playing as colours and geometrical shapes. From early on she had an innate knowingness of working with tone and sound. And so, for Cacina music and sound always carried much more than just audible information.

Between age 5 and 13 she had classical piano training, but didn’t enjoy most of the music she had to play. Her shift came many years later when the technical development of computers and music software allowed her to use other sounds in her music…. such as string orchestras or angelic choirs.

Nowadays Cacina is known for creating a timeless space in music, enveloping an audience in a sound that invites the Soul of the listener to enter. Whenever Lee Carroll comes to present in Europe she often accompanies him when he channels “Kryon”, and performs with her partner Anders Holte as well.

Together Anders and Cacina give lectures, and workshops about sound and consciousness at international events and conferences.

Their music creates a magical sense of connection and Oneness… allowing the listener at home as well as their concert audience to expand into the one Field that connects us all.